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We all know Getting to meet new people is fun!!! There’s the exhilaration of bouncing off one’s ideas on someone new and exploring other viewpoints with another person who has similar interests. So, for all this cause Omegle is a free social networking website where users are connected with other unknown users via video, text, or audio. This is typically known as a virtual chat room.

How to use Omegle?

  1. Visit the Omegle home page. Getting started with Omegle too easy.
  2. Choose text or video: Near the bottom right of the page, you would see the message “Start Chatting” with two options under it “Text and Video”, with text option it let you chat with a stranger via text message. With video options, you can see an image of your stranger and can hear audio too.
  3. Start Chatting: After selecting your chatting option you were immediately get connected with your stranger. You may communicate with him/her by typing a message in the chat bar and hit the enter key or click the send button to send a message. If you are connected with the video chat you will also be able to see and hear both the stranger and yourself in video feed on the left side of the screen.
  4. Stop Chatting: When you are done chatting, you should click on the stop button, and also you can use the “Esc” key from your keyboard.

Age Restriction

In it’s written terms of using the Omegle restricted users from 13+ age and ask users under 18 with only access by parental permission/guidance. However there is no registration process or any verification so, users can simply click on chat. This is not a lack of its feature and many social media never attempt to do that.

Adult Chat

The other section of video chat is 18+ Adult chat, where users can access adult content by accessing third-party adult pornographic sites. When the user clicks on the adult option the message comes out by asking to confirm age over 18. If the user confirms the age once, he/she automatically redirect to the external site. Omegle does not verify the age so, the content appears after just a click of “Ok”.

Personal information

Omegle confirms that its users can access the website anonymously. Participant in chat are named as “you” and “stranger” to keep the anonymity for both sides. However, this anonymity can be dropped if identifying characteristics are displayed on webcam, or users disclose personal information about themselves in chat conversations. A common question on the site is “LAS?” which means asking for details on the user’s location, age, and sex. Many Omegle chats start immediately with the “stranger” providing their Kik username and asking for “you” to send them a message on Kik. Users should beware that these Kik profiles may treat sexualized content (please see our Kik guide for more knowledge). From the perspective of parents, it is always important to talk to your child about the risks of sharing personal information online and sharing their other social media accounts with “strangers” from Omegle.


There is no other way to block users on Omegle. Omegle is not verifying the age of the users so, that it is not giving features of blocking any of the users you are talked or talking to.

How much does it cost on Omegle?

The Omegle website is free to use, and the apps are free to download and use as they join a user’s existing data plan or Wi-Fi to send and receive messages. It only takes a cost for user data or wifi connection, Omegle individually does not occur any charges to its users.

How Omegle is Dangerous?

Omegle is bad for kids in the sense of exposing to the adult content:

  • They can disclose their data to strangers (e-mail, telephone number, home, social media accounts, and school address, etc.). Getting a kid to share this kind of information is as easy as taking candy from a baby.
  • Sexual predators who are regular guests of anonymous chats can get them to chat without the clothes on even if they do not want to and record a video for sharing.
  • Kids may experience bullying from anyone that they can not take wisely.
  • There is also danger consequences to become addicted to meeting stranger even if it is exciting.

How to Get Unbanned from Omegle?

Although, Omegle can be a fun place when having a video chat with strangers. Sometimes, you may have found that you have to get banned for no reason. Honestly, there is no way to contact anyone from Omegle and ask for a ban reversed. But there are certain ways to do that, and one of the best ways is to follow the below methods:


Method1: Wait for a few days and see if the ban lifted.

Method2: Find fast and reliable VPN services: VPN (Virtual Private Network) mask your IP by routing your web traffic through a server in another location.

Method3: Connect to different Networks. If the IP address of your home network is ban then try to connect with another network in the surrounding. You might need to take your computer to another location like your friend’s house, library, or coffee shop.

Method4: Get a different IP Address: If you are connected to wired modem your IP address assigned dynamically by your ISP. These IP addresses belong to your modem for a specific period before your ISP refreshes it with a new one. You can force the process like as follow:

  • Find your IP address on google
  • Then disconnect your modem for few moments (We would recommend an hour). It will trigger the server to assign you a new IP address.
  • Plug the modem back and wait for the internet backs up.
  • Search Google again for your IP address to notice if it has changed. If so, you should be able to get Omegle access back. If not, try unplugging the device for a longer period, such as overnight.